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Illega Has Messed Up Interests

Eden’s Zero Chapter 25 Review/Recap

Sorry, it took so long to get this done. The holiday season, after all. Anyway, that brings us back to Eden’s Zero.

Shiki’s Got Skills

So, let’s review what has happened last chapter: Evil Sister showed up and started duking it out with Rogue Out, Rebecca went off on her own to find a missing B-Cuber, and Weisz and Homura found another Sister in the basement of Rogue Out’s Church.

Continuing where we left off, Shiki is being forced on the defensive thanks to Rogue Out’s gunfire. It seems he has learned marksmanship from watching Rebecca fight and has developed a way to compress is Gravity Ether into balls. And he’s good at using them.

Natsu probably would have just tried to brute-force his way through Rogue Out. Shiki, on the other hand, prefers to fight smarter. Both of them, though, do get furious when people attack the ones they call friends. Sister earns Shiki’s wrath when she uses Jin as a shield against his attacks. Yes, Sister can heal them no problem, but that’s not the point.

Evil Sister uses Jinn as a human shield. Illega

Meanwhile, Rebecca is looking for Copa the B-Cuber when she comes across Illega’s… collection

Illega's collection of naked, beautiful women, all frozen into statues. This is messed up.

Rather than say it myself, I think it would be funnier to let Dr. Hojo from TeamFourStar’s Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged say why Illega kidnaps pretty girls and turns them into statues

Well, it’s true. And guess what? Illega is holding Copa hostage like the coward he is. And instead of turning her into furniture, Illega plans on keeping Rebecca as his toy. Which I can only assume is another way of saying “s** slave” or something dirty like that.

…. yeah, screw that.

Gravity Shot

Dang, Rebecca is really good with a gun! One shot and Illega goes down. Meanwhile, Shiki…

K.O.! Shiki wins in a knockout! And then, that other Sister shows up and declares that the evil sister is going to pay for using her powers without her permission. This all but confirms my theory that the one in the basement is the real sister, and the leader of Rogue Out is an imposter or duplicate. Next chapter we will probably see the evil Sister be destroyed or taken down in some way. Can’t wait.

Oh, and since I meant to put this up on Christmas, here’s a sketch of Rebecca in a Santa costume.

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