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J’s 25 Days of Christmas: Three Gems and a Baby, Steven Universe

Get ready to go “aw” in this one

Just because I am a grown-up does not mean I have to stop loving cartoons, especially when said cartoons are excellent. Over the last few years, Cartoon Network has been on a roll, making shows that have appealed to both child and adult demographics. First, there was Adventure Time, then Regular Show, and we have Steven Universe. Rebecca Sugar’s creation is one of the best shows on Cartoon Network right now, and with next batch of episodes coming out, I thought it’d be appropriate to look at the Steven Universe Christmas episode.

It’s not blatantly stated to be a Christmas episode, but watch it and tell me if it doesn’t remind you of anything Christmas related. So, here it is, Three Gems and a Baby.

Baby Steven Universe

As Beach City is being covered by a blizzard, Greg Universe and the Crystal Gems tell Steven the story of his first winter with Steven. 

In flashback, Greg is shown taking care of baby Steven whilestaying at a friend’s house in the middle of a blizzard. He does a good job atit, as well, though he gets a little confused about Steven’s need to expose his gem.

Baby Steven Universe

Now, when I first saw this episode, I started to get some serious baby Jesus vibes from it, whether intentional or not. First, Steven was not a normal baby. He was born through very unconventional means. Unlike Jesus, though, Steven is the son of a human and an alien. 

The comparisons don’t stop, as the Gems show up bearing gifts for the newborn Steven. Sound familiar? Well, the Gems gifts are mostly impractical. Why would a baby need a razor, after all? 

Steven Universe is glowing

Everything changes when Steven’s gem starts glowing. The Gems are convinced it’s Rose trying to talk to them, and while Greg tries to figure out what’s going on, the Gems basically… kidnap Steven. Along with Greg’s van.

Steven Goes for a Ride

It was funny to watch the Gems try and figure out what Steven was, only to fail and make him upset. Even though Pearl thinks she can bring back Rose by removing Steven’s gem, she can’t do it. Reluctantly, the Gems have to face the fact that Rose may be gone for good, and that they need to focus on Steven now.

Baby Steven Universe

Then Greg shows up being chased by a dog and they make up. Back in the present, Steven can’t help but point out how the Gems were wrong about growing and changing is not natural for them, as they have all changed for the better.

Steven Universe=Gem Jesus

In hindsight, it is easy to see the comparisons between the story of baby Jesus and Steven. Considering everything that has happened with Steven, and the revelation that his mom was actually PINK DIAMOND, I can’t help but wonder if this was intentional.

Steven Universe: Diamond Days

Think about it: Steven is a special boy, born from a human father and a Gem mother. He has all the abilities of both Gems and Humans, and he has spent his entire life trying to help others, even if they were once his enemies. After he learns the truth about his mom, he tries to make peace with the other Diamonds. With the remainder of the “Diamond Days” coming up, I keep coming back to this episode and the comparisons. One thing keeps crossing my mind: does Rebecca Sugar mean for Steven to become a sort of savior or uniter of the Gems?

Steven Universe is part Gem, and a Diamond, one of the leaders, at that. Maybe he is meant to bring about a significant change in Gem society. This is just me speculating, but with recent events, I knew I had to re-watch this episode. It’s not just a Christmas episode, it may be a direct hint by the show’s writers about what Steven’s destiny may be. Or not. I don’t mind being wrong.

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  1. I never really saw this episode as a Christmas one on my first viewing, it you bring up some valid points. If they go the direction you predict, it’ll be mind blowing.

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