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J’s 25 Days of Christmas: Merry Christmas, Mordecai, Regular Show

Sorry I missed out yesterday.
Again, sorry I missed out yesterday.

Hey, it’s me. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry again for missing out on last night. My bad! Let’s put that behind us and talk about the Christmas Episode I watched today: Merry Christmas Mordecai, from Regular Show.

This premiered alongside The White Elephant Gift Exchange, but I’m doing them separate for a reason: I like White Elephant more. To be honest, I was dreading this episode.

Margaret had left for college at the end of Season 4, leaving Mordecai heartbroken. Then he ended up bumping into CJ at that New Year’s party, they started hanging out, and then they started dating. Even though I did like seeing them dating (and Real Date is one of my favorite episodes of the show), I was against it at first. The reason was because, in the back of my mind, I knew that Margaret might come back. When and if that happened, this was going to lead to an awkward love triangle. Lo and behold, I WAS RIGHT! 

How I felt when I saw how Margaret was back!

The entire special revolves around Mordecai wigging out, or as Rigby calls “pulling a Mordecai” and trying to keep things from getting awkward. Thankfully, CJ was perfectly understanding about Mordecai’s plight and shook it off. After that, everything seemed like it was going to work out. That is, until Mordecai and Margaret get caught up in their good memories and kiss each other!

Then, because the plot demands it, CJ inconveniently comes in and sees them kissing, and runs off before Mordecai can explain or apologize. In other words, my worst fear came true. Then it got worse. Margaret is now Eileen’s new roommate. From here on out, things were going to get awkward.

If you watched the show in its entirety, you know that CJ was never able to truly get over her jealousy of Margaret, which led to her and Mordecai’s eventual break-up. Considering how CJ is no longer a main character after Season 6, I consider this to be a huge waste. At the same time, I have to acknowledge how this special ends up being a huge milestone in the show’s plot. It may be my least favorite of the Regular Show Christmas Specials, but it’s still good. After all, it’s Regular Show.


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