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Shiki is Super Mad!

Eden’s Zero Chapter 23 Review/Recap

Now that I’ve finished recapping what’s happened so far, I can finally move forward with the rest of Eden’s Zero. This is Chapter 23: Million Bullets

This felt so satisfying to see last week.

Picking up right where the last chapter left off, Illega has been knocked completely unconscious by Shiki. Rebecca is overjoyed to see him and Pino again so soon, but Shiki doesn’t seem to pay attention to her. His focus is entirely on Illega and how he kidnapped his friend and hurt Happy.

I wanted to see Shiki do this, but it was still a little disturbing.

Shiki just keeps beating that fat frog even though he’s already out cold. After seeing all the people he’s hurt, I was dying to see this happen. But it was still disturbing to see Shiki in a blood rage. I think Shiki may actually have a dark side to him, if this is any indication of it. If Pino didn’t use her EMP to shut off his ether gear, who knows how far he would have gone.

Regardless, Shiki and Rebecca are reunited. And then Shiki ruins it by just staring at her. I knew this was going to happen, but I just stopped caring.

Facepalm. Is this gonna be a regular thing, Mashima?

 As luck would have it, the other B-Cubers were set free by Pino’s EMP, and they found some clothes to replace the ones that bubble stuff destroyed.

Is that Mirajane and Lisanna?!?

Something tells me that when they all get home, Rebecca’s subscriber count is going to go up a couple tens of thousands. 

Jinn’s back!

At that moment, though, Jinn shows up again to finish what he and Shiki started. I knew that this was going to happen sooner or later, though, so I’m not surprised. I’m looking forward to their rematch. Meanwhile, the B-Cubers are going to find a ship to escape in.

Shiki vs Jinn, Round Two Begins!

Back at the Church, Homura has just finished wrecking Sister’s army, but then Weisz turns his gun on her because he still doesn’t trust her entirely. She says she wants to fight Shiki, but I have a feeling that she’s hiding something, just like Weisz. Then Weisz, just to prove that he can take Homura, shows off his Machina Maker, by showing the guns he installed in the floor

Dang, that’s cool. Oh, and that Robot guy’s out

Back on the Eden’s Zero, Happy finally wakes up to hear that Rebecca’s gonna be all right, but then all these alarms go off: 

Ah, crapbaskets

So now, a giant time monster is headed to Guilst to eat the planet’s time. If that happens, everyone will be either a.) be stuck there forever or b.) cease to exist because they become unborn. I was hoping to see Shiki free all the girls that Illega had kidnapped over the years, but that might no longer be an option. The clock’s ticking for everyone to escape Guilst. I hope Illega gets stuck behind…


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