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Edens Zero Catch-Up, Part 2: Edens Zero Cast

Eden's Zero Color Spread

Welcome back, dear readers, to my Edens Zero catch-up series. In this second and final part, I’ll be going over the main characters, their skills, and my thoughts on them. If you haven’t read the manga, spoilers ahead.

Shiki Granbell

Shiki Edens Zero Cast
Our new hero, Shiki Granbell, captain of the Edens Zero

This is our main hero, Shiki Granbell. Where he came from or who is birth family is currently unknown, though it might be revealed later in the series. What is known is that he was found by Ziggy, the Demon King who brought him back with him to his home on Granbell and raised him as his grandson. Shiki would live among the robots of the abandoned theme park and taught how to fight by Ziggy. Ziggy would impart many lessons to Shiki, but the biggest was the importance of friends, and that if you were made friends who would cry for you, to never let them go.

First Meeting

Ziggy would eventually go permanently offline, leaving the robots of Granbell Park to raise him. Shiki would spend his childhood maintaining the robots, not knowing that they were self-repairing. Then one fateful day, he met a young girl named Rebecca and her best friend Happy as they were looking for video ideas for their B-Cube channel. Seeing the chance for Shiki to leave for the universe at large before they went permanently offline, the robots pretended to turn on him and his new friends, forcing them to leave. Now free to explore the universe, Shiki has two goals in life: to make 100 new friends in the universe and to meet Mother, who he feels a strange connection to.

Edens Zero Cast Shiki Granbell
Shiki is the latest of Mashima’s heroes

In keeping with his tradition of naming the main male protagonists after seasons, Hiro Mashima gave his new hero the name Shiki, meaning “four seasons” in Japanese. Shiki shares some characteristics with the main heroes of Mashima’s previous works. His appearance is similar to Haru Glory and Natsu Dragneel from Rave and Fairy Tail, and he shares the name of his hero from his work Monster Hunter Orage

Shiki meets Rebecca and Happy
Shiki and Rebecca’s first meeting


Personality-wise, though, Shiki seems to be unique. Unlike Haru or Natsu, Shiki is very socially awkward due to growing up around Robots. He doesn’t quite know how to talk to people and didn’t even know if Rebecca was a girl at first due to having never seen one. As a result, he has a childlike curiosity, getting excited by anyone or anything new and exciting, and often asking people he just met to be friends. 

Super Mad Shiki
Shiki When He is Mad is Like Liam Neeson

Though Shiki is a generally good person, he does have a dark side to him. If anyone would hurt someone he considers a friend, he will become extremely wrathful towards them. When he acts like this, there is little that anyone can do. He also despises people who mistreat robots due to his beliefs that they are living beings. When he gets like this, there is little that anyone can do to stop him. 

Edens Zero Cast Shiki with Gravity Gear
Shiki’s Gravity Ether Gear


Like Mashima’s previous protagonists, Shiki has inherited unique abilities. From his adoptive grandfather Ziggy, he learned how to use Gravity Ether Gear, which lets him manipulate gravity itself. He can use this to strengthen his attacks, change the gravitational direction people are headed towards, run up walls, float, and generally kick butt. He is a formidable opponent in battle, living up to his grandfather’s legacy as the new Demon King. I like him.


Rebecca the main heroine of Edens Zero Cast
The new heroine, Rebecca

This is our main heroine, Rebecca. I don’t know where Mashima got her name. 

Rebecca as a little girl in Edens Zero

At the moment, little is known about Rebecca’s past, other than the fact that she was seemingly abandoned by her parents. As a child, she came across an abandoned alien cat known as an Exxid, whom she befriended. Since he did not have a name, Rebecca dubbed him “Happy”, and they became the closest of friends.

Happy and Rebecca together as best friends. Edens Zero Cast
Best Friends No matter what.

As she got older, she and Happy registered as adventurers with the guild Shooting Starlight, starting their own B-Cube channel, the Aoneko Channel (“Blue Cat” in Japanese) with the goal of becoming famous B-Cubers. That process has been slow, with few people having seen their videos. Their lives change, though, the moment they meet Shiki. 

After help Shiki leave Granbell, Rebecca decides to travel with him in order to meet Mother and achieve her dream of having one million subscribers.

Lucy and Rebecca, main heroines of their manga
There is a resemblance here, I’m not going to lie.


I have seen how some people draw a lot of comparisons between Rebecca and the main heroine of Mashima’s previous series, Lucy from Fairy Tail. Physically, they do appear similar, to the point that some complain of her being a rip-off of Lucy. It should be noted, however, that Mashima likes to reuse the designs of characters from his previous series. And personally, I don’t see the problem with that if they are still separate people.

Mashima's three main heroines, Rebecca, Lucy, and Elie.
Mashima’s three heroines: Rebecca, Lucy, and Elie.

After getting to know her more, though, I feel like her appearance and personality are a mixture of Mashima’s previous heroines, Lucy from Fairy Tail and Elie from Rave Master. Like the other two, Rebecca has large eyes and fair skin. Her measurements are also probably the same or similar to Lucy and Elie.

Whereas Lucy Heartfilia played the straight man to the antics of the Fairy Tail guild, Rebecca is more of an airhead like Elie, along with being a little impulsive. She likes to think of herself as a famous B-Cuber despite having few subscribers at the start of the manga; she even wears a disguise in public despite not needing to, something Happy often points out.

Ms. Fan Service Status

Like Lucy and Elie, Rebecca has also taken up the role of being her series’ “Ms. Fan Service” Observe:

Rebecca, the new Ms. Fan Service
The Edens Zero Casts poster girl

See what I mean? Fanservice is one of Mashima’s trademarks (along with teasing fans about couples..). Rebecca is aware that a lot of guys find her attractive, and attempts to use that to her advantage. She is more than willing to use her sex appeal to attract viewers to her channel and wears clothing that shows off her legs and chest when possible. She’s even willing to use footage of her struggling in restraints to attract viewers, hinting at a possible perverted side.

All the calls this "Too kinky to torture"
……no comment.

She still draws the line, though. She can’t stand perverted people and will get very angry at anyone who tries to ogle her. 


In battle, Rebecca shares a lot of her personality with Elie. Using her twin ether-blasters to fight, Rebecca turns into a trigger happy maniac and has a very crass personality, shouting at her enemies to “die”. She’s also a very good shot, and can hold her own in a fight.

Angry Rebecca Edens Zero Cast
Like I said, Elie

Recently, Rebecca has discovered that she may have the latent ability to manipulate ether gear, able to fire energy blasts from her hands. Time will tell what her abilities are, though. 

Selfless Rebecca Edens Zero Cast
An example of Rebecca’s brave and selfless nature


The one defining character trait that she shares with Lucy and Elie is her kind and selfless nature. She has demonstrated time and again the willingness to stand up for those who are being harmed even if she barely knows them, to the point where she shed tears for Shiki when the Granbell robots seemingly betrayed them.

Speaking of Shiki, while initially off put by him, she was quick to befriend Shiki. This extends to many other people she meets; and like Shiki, she shares the belief that robot’s are living beings as well. When Happy was turned into a cyborg to save his life following an accident, Rebecca accepted him no matter what his appearance was.

Edens Zero Cast
Rebecca’s Kindness shines through no matter what.


Happy Edens Zero Cast
Aye, sir! An expy to the Edens Zero Cast

Taken directly from Fairy Tail, it’s Happy the cat! This version of Happy is from the planet Exceed, the name of Happy’s species in Fairy Tail and Edens Zero. Mashima likes reusing old characters, doesn’t he.

In this version, Happy was left abandoned until he was found by Rebecca, as previously mentioned. One day, however, he was tragically killed after being hit by a drunk driver, leaving Rebecca grief-stricken. Fortunately, thanks to the aid of a friend of their’s, Happy was rebuilt into a cyborg body and continues to serve as Rebecca’s best friend and co-star on the Aoneko Channel.

This version of Happy is a little different from his Fairy Tail counterpart. Whereas the original Happy was mischievous and liked to tease other people, this version serves as the straight man to Rebecca, keeping her level and grounded whenever she starts to act air-headed. 


Also, Happy can’t seem to fly in this manga. He can do something cooler, though. When Rebecca needs to go into battle, he can go all Targetmaster from the Transformers franchise and turn into a pair of dual Ether Blasters, dubbed the Happy Blasters!

Happy Gun Form Edens Zero
The Happy Blasters. So cool!

 Weisz Steiner

Weisz Edens Zero
The Han Solo of the series

Like I said in Part 1, there are two versions of Weisz Steiner: the original one, and the one created when Norma’s timeline got eaten by the Chronophage. Here’s the original one, who takes his looks from another Fairy Tail character as well.

Professor Weisz as he appears in the present day

Weisz seems like he’s going to be the Han Solo of Edens Zero, serving as the rogue of the main characters. He had just betrayed his former gang right before Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy first met him in the past, after all. Both versions of Weisz also like to consider themselves ladies men, though the Professor version seems to have better luck with women. The younger version shoots with a bunch of pretty girls but has yet to make the mark, to comedic effect.


Young Weisz also does not seem to hesitate to try and take advantage of a situation, asking Shiki for the results of every sports event for the next fifty years, asking for Rebecca’s ship in exchange for helping them escape Norma, and ditching them as soon as they get back to Blue Garden.

Despite this, Weisz still has a moral compass. He showed disgust at his former partner Sibir’s treatment of robots, and was willing to kill him as a result. When Rebecca was captured by Rogue Out, he immediately rejoined the group to help rescue her.

Weisz' true power
Machina Maker

One thing both Weisz’s share is their ability: the ether gear Machina Maker. With it, they can completely remodel machines from the inside out, making stronger and more powerful. We haven’t even seen the full extent of it, either.

E.M. Pino

E.M. Pino, or Pino for short.

This is E.M. Pino, or Pino for short. She’s an android introduced in the Norma Arc. 

According to what is eventually revealed, Pino was originally built by Ziggy the Demon King, but somehow ended up on Norma. She was trapped there when its time was eaten, leaving her fifty years in the past. She then ended up in the hands of Sibir, who forced to serve him. When she refused, he cruelly tore off one of her legs and then wiped her memory to make him her new master. He then proceeded to use her powers to make his gang into the strongest force on Norma, until an infuriated Shiki, Rebecca, Happy, and Weisz beat him. 

After that, Pino accompanied them as they escaped to the present, where she learned that she was built by the Demon King. She then declared Shiki to be her new master upon him be dubbed the new Demon King, traveling in order to learn more about her origins on the Edens Zero.

The EMP at work

Pino is unique amongst the machines introduced so far, as she has the ability to create an EMP field that can temporarily shut down all machines. Outside of battle, she is very laid back and friendly, especially towards Weisz and Shiki for having save her.

Elsie Crimson

spitting image of Erza

No arguments, here. Elsie Crimson is the twin of Fairy Tail’s Erza Scarlet. See?

Like I said…

Her personality is not at serious as Erza’s is, though. She seems to be more of a troll who likes to mess with people, jokingly telling the group she planned to sell them at Guilst. She seems to at least be on their side, though, as she gave Shiki the Edens Zero, and helped them escape. Whether she returns as a friend or foe is anyone’s guess.

Homura Kogetsu

Homura Kogetsu

This is a new addition to the cast, and likely going to join the main group, Homura Kogetsu. All that is know about her right now is that she was trained by an unknown master who told her about the Demon King and the Edens Zero. As a result, she want’s to fight him. But since Ziggy is dead, she now wishes to fight Shiki instead, and joins the group to rescue Rebecca on Guilst in exchange for a match with him.

Soul Blade in action

Like Shiki and Weisz, Homura also has a kind of ether gear: Soul Blade. This let’s her create weapons out of pure energy that she uses to devastating effect, able to take on dozens of enemies at once. I can’t wait to learn more about her backstory. She could be a valuable part of the Edens Zero crew.

And Lastly, we have…

Labilia Christy


Physically, she looks like what Wendy Marvell from Fairy Tail if she were grown up. Unlike Wendy, Labilia is… well, she’s a jerk.


She’s in the Shooting Starlight guild and is a super-famous B-Cuber, but she’s extremely stuck up about it. She even ridiculous amounts of money from her fans just to pose with her, get her autograph, or even shake her hand! She also loves to belittle Rebecca for being a small fry, even saying she watches her videos just to make fun of them. Mean.

Ironically, despite looking down on Rebecca, she is obsessed with Shiki. After Shiki lifted her into the air with his ether gear for humiliating Rebecca, Labilia became determined to get him in her next video. But Shiki hates her for being mean to his friends, so not gonna happen. 

She’s not, all, bad, though (I write hesitantly). When all the B-Cubers were being kidnapped, she was genuinely grateful to Shiki for protecting her. And she was horrified when she learned all the other B-Cubers were kidnapped. Hopefully, she will change for the better. Until then, I hate her.

Well, that’s everyone. Hope that convinces you to check out the manga! 

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