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Introduction to My Blog: HELLO, WORLD!

Introduction to My Blog

I have had this blog for several months now, and yet I have done very little to build it up so far. I have never been able to find the time to do so. Now’s a good a time as ever, then, so here’s an introduction to my blog. I’d prefer not to use my real name on this blog, so I came up with a pen name. Here, you can call Roderick J. Fritz, or just “Jay” for short. There’s a story behind that pen name; and maybe, when the time is right, I’ll tell you about it.

Ready Player One: Introduction to My Blog
Ready Player One: a giant candy/video game/comic book store for geeks.

Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s sink our teeth into what I do. There are a lot of things I love in this world, but a big one is pop culture. Books, movies, video games, comics, cartoons, the whole nine yards. And I’m ready to share that love with everyone in the world.

Introduction to my Blog: Rohan at Work
I may not be that good at drawing, but I am superb at writing.


People I know have been telling me for years that I am good at writing, and if you’re good at something and you like doing it, you should try and turn it into a career.  So I’ve started working to become a freelance writer. I have already taken a huge first step: I was a part of FANDOM’s Contributor Program. What is FANDOM, you ask? FANDOM’s a website dedicated to the latest news about pop culture. They also serve as the hosts to countless wikis about pretty much everything.

FANDOM Photo Introduction to My Blog

Yeah, and they had a contributor program where people can submit article ideas, write them, and then have them published. It’s a great way to build up a portfolio. I’ve gotten several articles already published. The cool thing, though, is that one of my articles ended on FANDOM’s trending list for a while.

Fire Emblem Shipping Introduction to My Blog
I Never thought this would get so big on FANDOM.

I wrote this article on what I thought were the five best ships from Fire Emblem: Awakening, and it just got insanely popular. I didn’t even expect that to happen, but I’m glad people read it so much. It was nice, and I’m happy it happened.

My Plans

This blog actually started as a place where I could put links to the various articles that I’ve done for people; not just for FANDOM, but any client I’ve worked for. But now I want to use it to write my ideas that I can’t write about anywhere else. Ideas like:

  • Movie reviews
  • Game reviews
  • Manga recaps
  • Big news in pop culture
  • Anything I want to write about

So, that’s basically the concept behind this whole blog. I hope you guys enjoyed the introduction to it. If you want to see my FANDOM writings, check out my page on that. I’m also coming up with a page for my other writings.

Citizen Nappa Movie Producer
I’m a huge fan of TeamFourStar. Especially their version of Nappa

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