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These Anime Make for Great Jack-O-Lanterns!

Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern ideas
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So, since Halloween is tomorrow, I have been busy getting ready for it. Got my costume, hanging up last of the decorations, got the candy. Then, when I was carving my pumpkins, I thought to myself “You know what would be a cool blogging idea? Some scary anime characters that you can use for Jack-O-Lanterns!” So I went online and found the coolest and scariest anime characters that I could think of. Hope this inspires you for next Halloween!

Hellsing Ultimate

I’ve never watched the official version in its entirety before, but I love Hellsing Ultimate Abridged by TeamFourStar. This one’s for you, Takahata101!


Soul Eater

They used the show for an AMV for “This is Halloween”. And since it delves into the supernatural, of course, I had to include it.

Fairy Tail

A popular manga/anime franchise that has two movies, several OVA’s, and hundreds of episodes on TV? And they all have to deal with magic? Of course, I chose this!

Attack on Titan

You have to experience the show to know how terrifying it is. To be hunted by monsters that only seem interested in eating humans.


Rooster Teeth’s in-house creation is one of the best anime’s out there. That’s right, I called it an anime!

Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

These are true works of art that bring tears to my eyes.


Okay, this isn’t actually scary, but I googled Anime Pumpkins, this came up, and I just knew it was meant to be!


Oh, and how could I forget their beloved producer, the one they brought back from the dead to keep making cameos?



Now, in honor of Halloween, I would like everyone to rise for the national anthem of Halloween Town:

And if you want more inspirations, click this!

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

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